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Visiting Scientist: Want to Track Marine Debris? There’s an app for that.

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Below is a re-post from Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI) about Marine Debris Tracker.

SEA-MDI has initially launched a Mobile Application, Marine Debris Tracker. The app is available on the Android Market online here. Or simply search for “marine debris” in the Market from your phone and download it directly to your phone.

For an explanation on how to use the app, go to the Marine Debris Tracker website here.

Briefly, the Marine Debris Tracker mobile application allows you to help make a difference by checking in when you find trash on our coastlines and waterways. You can easily track and log marine debris items from a list of common debris items found on the beach or in the water. The app records the debris location through GPS, and you can view the data on your phone and submit to the Marine Debris Tracker Website for viewing and download later (requires registration, which you can do from the app). Your username is shown on the website for only the most recent 5 items tracked, but GPS coordinates are not shown. All downloadable and mapped data with GPS coordinates is shown anonymously to the public. More information available on the website under “How Do I Start Tracking?” Marine Debris Tracker is a joint effort of the NOAA Marine Debris Division and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI) out of the University of Georgia Faculty of Engineering.

One of the developers, Jenna Jambeck, Faculty of Engineering, University of Georgia, said, “Marine debris has been, and continues to be, a persistent and pervasive pollution source. Marine Debris Tracker allows for really fast and efficient data collection, which is critical to designing plans to prevent marine debris. Another part of the solution is to get people to even notice (and then pick up) debris. This app is one way we are trying to reach people to have them take notice and then help mitigate the issue… and if you are noticing trash, you are also much less likely to litter (although debris comes from other sources too). While this app collects data (which people can use in various ways to assess the issue), one of the primary goals is to get the app out to educate as much of the public, in a culturally relevant way, about marine debris and its harmful impacts.”

Check out this cool new app or the other great work SEA-MDI is doing on marine debris with support from the NOAA Marine Debris Program!

Author: NOAA Marine Debris Program

The NOAA Marine Debris Program envisions the global ocean and its coasts, users, and inhabitants free from the impacts of marine debris. Our mission is to investigate and solve the problems that stem from marine debris, in order to protect and conserve our nation's marine environment, natural resources, industries, economy, and people.

One thought on “Visiting Scientist: Want to Track Marine Debris? There’s an app for that.

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ll be grabbing this app.

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