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Tots Track Trash

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By: Leah Henry

Marine Debris Tracker guru and Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Georgia, Jenna Jambeck, applied marine debris citizen science to the youngest age group yet! A small school yard cleanup in Athens, Georgia became a toddler show and tell, with “Look at this!” squealed as each tiny pair of (gloved) hands retrieved candy wrappers, bottles, and pieces of paper and plastic.

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Jenna logged each scrap into the Marine Debris Tracker, and the little ones learned a valuable lesson about where trash goes (and should). Though the 2 and 3-year-olds were excited to pick up the mismanaged trash,  the teachers holding the collection bags were appalled at the 63 items found on school grounds in just 15 minutes!

With Marine Debris Tracker, it just takes a few seconds to  easily report via a smartphone application where you find marine debris or litter anywhere in the world… and then prevent it from impacting our oceans.

Author: NOAA Marine Debris Program

The NOAA Marine Debris Program envisions the global ocean and its coasts, users, and inhabitants free from the impacts of marine debris. Our mission is to investigate and solve the problems that stem from marine debris, in order to protect and conserve our nation's marine environment, natural resources, industries, economy, and people.

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