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Marine Debris on OceansLIVE!


This week marks the 2016 Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW), right in our backyard of Washington, DC. There are many ocean-themed discussions going on throughout the week, and tomorrow our very own Chief Scientist Amy Uhrin and Katie Register with Clean Virginia Waterways will talk about marine debris on OceansLIVE!, a live-streaming web-based platform just for CHOW! Luckily, you don’t have to be in DC to get in on the fun. Join us tomorrow at 10:45am EST by tuning in and listening to Amy and Katie talk about marine debris and what we can all do to help!

Visit the OceansLIVE! site to join in on the ocean-y action!

Image of floating marine debris with Capitol Hill Ocean Week logo.

Author: NOAA Marine Debris Program

The NOAA Marine Debris Program envisions the global ocean and its coasts, users, and inhabitants free from the impacts of marine debris. Our mission is to investigate and solve the problems that stem from marine debris, in order to protect and conserve our nation's marine environment, natural resources, industries, economy, and people.

2 thoughts on “Marine Debris on OceansLIVE!

  1. I’ll be sailing from Oahu to SF on a 35 foot sail boat in aug. What could we do to help?

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thank so much for your interest! As long as you can do so safely, you can help by picking up the marine debris that you find along the course of your trip and disposing of it properly. I’d encourage you to download and use the marine debris tracker app, which will allow you to log the debris that you find and provide us with valuable data. If you’d like to continue to get involved in the fight against marine debris, I suggest subscribing to our e-newsletter, which provides monthly updates on cleanups throughout the country. Since you can see the impacts of marine debris first-hand, I would also encourage you to spread your knowledge to your community through education and outreach!
      Thanks so much for your interest, every little bit helps!

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